Friday, 16 June 2017

Jack Storms | Prismatic Glass Sculpture

Glass is a very unique medium that draws interest throughout the art communities. One particular artist who captivates the world through his ingenious ways of manipulating the material, is Jack Storms.

From his studio in Valencia, California, Storms works with various types of glass such as lead crystal and dichroic glass. These would allow him to play with the light that inherently passes through the material, reflecting and refracting its many spectral colors in certain ways using the geometrical angles he would often create within the interior of his pieces.

Throughout his career, Storms has been commissioned to create mesmerizing artwork for many famously known events in the modern world. One of which was an optic crystal baseball bat made to commemorate Derek Jeter’s 3000’th hit in the game. Another was a sculpture made as a gift to the president of Nigeria to mark the opening of the first blood bank in Africa.

Storms’ own method of cold-glass sculpting differs from the more well-known molten glass casting technique, but has been able to do his works justice through the creation of brilliant, dazzling and scintillating works of art. His creations can be viewed through his own web platform, (photo credit to the artist and his platform).

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