Monday, 13 June 2016

Sculpture Inspiration from the Master Craftsmen

Each person has his or her own favorite artists, which tells of their taste, appreciative nature and unique personality. We all love art because of its ability to speak to us and inspire our hearts for brighter days. This is a little list of some master sculptors who have inspired our team throughout the recent years, breaking the conventional limits of creativity to reach new heights.

We all live in a world endowed with beauty and majesty. Artists like these who give us inspiration, allow a deeper appreciation for the world around us and for each other. It is human nature to seek out the curiosities of our planet and reach the limits of what we can do. As art enthusiasts, collectors, patrons and curators, it is our greatest pleasure to share these talents with you and the rest of this global audience of people.

These are the works (in no particular order) of artists,
Robin Wight, Allain Bellino, Dale Chihuly, Henry Moore, Alexander Milov, Richard Stainthorp, Kylo Chua, Maico Akiba, Jack Storms, Paige Bradley, Erika Sanada, Unmask Group, Zhang Yaxi, Niyoko Ikuta, Michael Alfano, Selcuk Yilmaz, Arnaldo Pomodoro, John Edmark, Galla Amsel, Hajime Sorayama, Jason Taylor, Lucien Den Arend

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