Sunday, 14 August 2016

Kylo Chua | Refined Modernity in Asian Sculpture

The balance between material presence and negative space is something to be considered when attempting to transform a figment of one’s imagination into a beautiful work of art. Sculptor and gemologist, Kylo Chua has an enigmatic take on the idea of “chiaroscuro”, using the bright relief of his sculptures to represent the boldness of white luminance against the blackness or absence of matter, which can be embodied by the spaces surrounding the outlines of his creations.

Hailing from the Philippines in South East Asia, Kylo comes from a family of sculptors, having been taught directly and indirectly by many of the country’s modern art maestros. His own style always resumes a balletic, slender manipulation of his subject’s shape and frame. Much of his work has been showcased around Asia and the United States, garnering him a widespread following from well-known collectors in the international art communities.

The appeal of his sculptural approach lies in a rhythmic weave of his subject’s curving elements, such as the hair, hands and torso of a figure. He creates a lace-like composition from these extensions and naturally blends each one together in a uniquely orchestrated stature that resembles the original’s biology and form. His gallery’s cloud-based platform, showcases a series of his completed works as well as newer pieces released from his personal studio.

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