Friday, 6 May 2016

Dale Chihully | The Glass Fireworks Genius

From what most of us can tell, Dale Chihully has been one of the most prominent glass artisans of our time. With works that can scale as high as small buildings, to decorative bonnet-like ornaments of glass, Chihully's portfolio is no less than a composition of masterpieces and milestones.

His museum in Canada, "Chihully Gardens & Glass" showcases how magnanimously fierce this blown-glass sculptor's passion can be. His famous fireworks-looking displays can be seen outfdoors around the botanical landscape of the complex, with many luminescent pieces being housed within the main building for public touring. 

Most people wonder at the boldness and rich colour palette of Chihully's body of works, especially his later-day creations that seem to break away from the majority of glass artisans out there, embracing the theme of explosive vibrance rather than sublime luxury. The ideas behind many of his works allow him to surpass traditional glass-blowing boundaries and achieve new heights in the field, beckoning a new era of creativity and genius.

For every innovation that one dreamer creates, ten more will follow in his footsteps- till the world will be filled with a beauty never before seen.

"Glass is the most magical of all materials. It transmits light in a special way...Im pleased that my art appeals to so many people of all ages. As a parent and an artist, Im especially looking forward to leaving a legacy at The Childrens Museum, a place where I hope my work brings joy to children who visit from all over the world." -Dale Chihully

Here's a path to his glass art garden, just in case you were curious about seeing more of his bewildering sculpture creations.

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