Monday, 2 May 2016

Naidee Changmoh | The Monk Sculptures from Thailand

In the world of fired-clay sculptures, people may find that the styles of art can vary from the most intricate of compositions to the most basic and minimalistic of forms. One particular ceramic artist from Thailand has become quite famous around the world for his characteristic monk sculptures, which have been seen at world renown exhibition displays such as Australia’s “Sculpture by the Sea”, which first originated in 1997 at Bondi beach.

Ceramic artists like Naidee Changmoh usually work with a mix of clays, such as earthenware or stoneware for the more rigid pieces, and kaolin for those who want a smoother kind of feel to their artworks.

Naidee, who himself uses a terracotta type of clay, usually chooses to portray a warm, cartoon-like feel in his works. These often manifest as figures or figurines with large heads expressing a subtle yet soothing smile of relaxation and calmness. He often talks about how he desires to imbue a positive feel to creations, exuding a sense of happiness, optimism and well-being.

Naidee has exhibited in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia among other localities around the world. His pieces are well appreciated by millions of people who find his artworks to have a very bright, pleasant, and uplifting mood.

(Sculptures and image rights belong to Naidee Changmoh and respective artists & owners.)

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