Friday, 16 June 2017

Jack Storms | Prismatic Glass Sculpture

Glass is a very unique medium that draws interest throughout the art communities. One particular artist who captivates the world through his ingenious ways of manipulating the material, is Jack Storms.

From his studio in Valencia, California, Storms works with various types of glass such as lead crystal and dichroic glass. These would allow him to play with the light that inherently passes through the material, reflecting and refracting its many spectral colors in certain ways using the geometrical angles he would often create within the interior of his pieces.

Throughout his career, Storms has been commissioned to create mesmerizing artwork for many famously known events in the modern world. One of which was an optic crystal baseball bat made to commemorate Derek Jeter’s 3000’th hit in the game. Another was a sculpture made as a gift to the president of Nigeria to mark the opening of the first blood bank in Africa.

Storms’ own method of cold-glass sculpting differs from the more well-known molten glass casting technique, but has been able to do his works justice through the creation of brilliant, dazzling and scintillating works of art. His creations can be viewed through his own web platform, (photo credit to the artist and his platform).

Friday, 6 January 2017

Hajime Sorayama | Eccentric Biomechanical Artforms

As controversial as art can sometimes be, its true appreciation lies in the diversity by which people understand it. Many believe that contemporary art does not have to be something that appeals to the masses, but rather a concept that solicits deep reaction or from people’s opinions. One man from Japan, is quite famous for his strangely provocative, yet widely received depictions of female biomechanical subjects.

This is the work of Hajime Sorayama, an established painter, sculptor and illustrator who makes use of a wide media range to express his highly detailed craftwork within the context of a thoroughly science-fiction visual genre. Sorayama’s art has been described as super-realistic, beautifully artificial, and futuristic in palette by his critics, and while the nature of his inspirations may suit a particular targeted audience, he has built up quite a global fan base over the decades.

The artist’s portfolio spans works that collaborate with film makers in Hollywood, such as George Lucas of the Star Wars franchise. His cross-hybrid style of combining an essentially human posture with the lustrous sheen of mechanical bodies has caught the attention of several museums and galleries in Japan and around the world. The artist maintains a couple of online platforms to house his prints, illustrations and biographies. The website is his homebase for web-related showcases of his works.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Kylo Chua | Refined Modernity in Asian Sculpture

The balance between material presence and negative space is something to be considered when attempting to transform a figment of one’s imagination into a beautiful work of art. Sculptor and gemologist, Kylo Chua has an enigmatic take on the idea of “chiaroscuro”, using the bright relief of his sculptures to represent the boldness of white luminance against the blackness or absence of matter, which can be embodied by the spaces surrounding the outlines of his creations.

Hailing from the Philippines in South East Asia, Kylo comes from a family of sculptors, having been taught directly and indirectly by many of the country’s modern art maestros. His own style always resumes a balletic, slender manipulation of his subject’s shape and frame. Much of his work has been showcased around Asia and the United States, garnering him a widespread following from well-known collectors in the international art communities.

The appeal of his sculptural approach lies in a rhythmic weave of his subject’s curving elements, such as the hair, hands and torso of a figure. He creates a lace-like composition from these extensions and naturally blends each one together in a uniquely orchestrated stature that resembles the original’s biology and form. His gallery’s cloud-based platform, showcases a series of his completed works as well as newer pieces released from his personal studio.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Sculpture Inspiration from the Master Craftsmen

Each person has his or her own favorite artists, which tells of their taste, appreciative nature and unique personality. We all love art because of its ability to speak to us and inspire our hearts for brighter days. This is a little list of some master sculptors who have inspired our team throughout the recent years, breaking the conventional limits of creativity to reach new heights.

We all live in a world endowed with beauty and majesty. Artists like these who give us inspiration, allow a deeper appreciation for the world around us and for each other. It is human nature to seek out the curiosities of our planet and reach the limits of what we can do. As art enthusiasts, collectors, patrons and curators, it is our greatest pleasure to share these talents with you and the rest of this global audience of people.

These are the works (in no particular order) of artists,
Robin Wight, Allain Bellino, Dale Chihuly, Henry Moore, Alexander Milov, Richard Stainthorp, Kylo Chua, Maico Akiba, Jack Storms, Paige Bradley, Erika Sanada, Unmask Group, Zhang Yaxi, Niyoko Ikuta, Michael Alfano, Selcuk Yilmaz, Arnaldo Pomodoro, John Edmark, Galla Amsel, Hajime Sorayama, Jason Taylor, Lucien Den Arend

Friday, 6 May 2016

Dale Chihully | The Glass Fireworks Genius

From what most of us can tell, Dale Chihully has been one of the most prominent glass artisans of our time. With works that can scale as high as small buildings, to decorative bonnet-like ornaments of glass, Chihully's portfolio is no less than a composition of masterpieces and milestones.

His museum in Canada, "Chihully Gardens & Glass" showcases how magnanimously fierce this blown-glass sculptor's passion can be. His famous fireworks-looking displays can be seen outfdoors around the botanical landscape of the complex, with many luminescent pieces being housed within the main building for public touring. 

Most people wonder at the boldness and rich colour palette of Chihully's body of works, especially his later-day creations that seem to break away from the majority of glass artisans out there, embracing the theme of explosive vibrance rather than sublime luxury. The ideas behind many of his works allow him to surpass traditional glass-blowing boundaries and achieve new heights in the field, beckoning a new era of creativity and genius.

For every innovation that one dreamer creates, ten more will follow in his footsteps- till the world will be filled with a beauty never before seen.

"Glass is the most magical of all materials. It transmits light in a special way...Im pleased that my art appeals to so many people of all ages. As a parent and an artist, Im especially looking forward to leaving a legacy at The Childrens Museum, a place where I hope my work brings joy to children who visit from all over the world." -Dale Chihully

Here's a path to his glass art garden, just in case you were curious about seeing more of his bewildering sculpture creations.

(All Image Copyrights are the Property of Dale Chihully and their respective Photographers.)

Monday, 2 May 2016

Naidee Changmoh | The Monk Sculptures from Thailand

In the world of fired-clay sculptures, people may find that the styles of art can vary from the most intricate of compositions to the most basic and minimalistic of forms. One particular ceramic artist from Thailand has become quite famous around the world for his characteristic monk sculptures, which have been seen at world renown exhibition displays such as Australia’s “Sculpture by the Sea”, which first originated in 1997 at Bondi beach.

Ceramic artists like Naidee Changmoh usually work with a mix of clays, such as earthenware or stoneware for the more rigid pieces, and kaolin for those who want a smoother kind of feel to their artworks.

Naidee, who himself uses a terracotta type of clay, usually chooses to portray a warm, cartoon-like feel in his works. These often manifest as figures or figurines with large heads expressing a subtle yet soothing smile of relaxation and calmness. He often talks about how he desires to imbue a positive feel to creations, exuding a sense of happiness, optimism and well-being.

Naidee has exhibited in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia among other localities around the world. His pieces are well appreciated by millions of people who find his artworks to have a very bright, pleasant, and uplifting mood.

(Sculptures and image rights belong to Naidee Changmoh and respective artists & owners.)

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