Friday, 6 January 2017

Hajime Sorayama | Eccentric Biomechanical Artforms

As controversial as art can sometimes be, its true appreciation lies in the diversity by which people understand it. Many believe that contemporary art does not have to be something that appeals to the masses, but rather a concept that solicits deep reaction or from people’s opinions. One man from Japan, is quite famous for his strangely provocative, yet widely received depictions of female biomechanical subjects.

This is the work of Hajime Sorayama, an established painter, sculptor and illustrator who makes use of a wide media range to express his highly detailed craftwork within the context of a thoroughly science-fiction visual genre. Sorayama’s art has been described as super-realistic, beautifully artificial, and futuristic in palette by his critics, and while the nature of his inspirations may suit a particular targeted audience, he has built up quite a global fan base over the decades.

The artist’s portfolio spans works that collaborate with film makers in Hollywood, such as George Lucas of the Star Wars franchise. His cross-hybrid style of combining an essentially human posture with the lustrous sheen of mechanical bodies has caught the attention of several museums and galleries in Japan and around the world. The artist maintains a couple of online platforms to house his prints, illustrations and biographies. The website is his homebase for web-related showcases of his works.

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